Contractors didn't have a permit to do work on Trinity Lutheran before the fire

Posted at 6:30 PM, May 18, 2018

Construction on the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Milwaukee was not permitted.

The church burned down Tuesday of a still-unknown cause. But, the Milwaukee Fire Chief said MFD is looking into the possibility construction tools may have caused the fire.

The chief said this week the fire broke out in an area where work was being done. That's when the I-Team started asking if the construction company pulled the necessary permits.

Langer Roofing was hired by the church to put a new slate roof on.

The City's Department of Neighborhood Services spokesperson wrote the I-Team Friday to say "a building permit(s) was required for roofing work," she continued to say "our records indicate there are no permits on file."

Church contacts told the I-Team a contract with Langer Roofing required them to file all permits for the work.

The I-Team called the company the day after the fire, but never got a callback. It went Thursday in an attempt to speak with the company's president. He wasn't available.

The Company issued a statement saying in part: "we remain committed to safety first and foremost and will continue to ensure that the company remains in compliance with all OSHA and other regulatory statutes at all times."