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Kohler Police Department: Sheboygan Falls man puts camera in bag, records up girls' skirts

Posted at 8:58 AM, Jun 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-13 09:58:52-04

Kohler police have charged a man who was recording up girls' skirts inside retail stores.

Police say David Earley secured a camera to a bag that he would then manipulate to an angle where it could record up skirts. Someone at the store reports seeing Earley enter a retail store on May 30, carrying the bag by the handle, and then reposition it to his shoulder and walk over to a group of young girls, one of whom was wearing a skirt, according to the criminal complaint.

Earley continued this behavior with other females in the store and was described as making several passes by one female wearing a skirt, swinging his arm out to get a 'good' angle up her skirt.

Once in police custody, Earley admitted that he is attracted to young girls and acknowledged his presence in the store. He also told law enforcement that upon searching equipment at his residence, they would find 'upskirt' videos.

Officers then searched Earley's residence in Sheboygan Falls and located upskirt videos from Earley's workplace in addition to videos of women showering and inside nursing rooms.

Earley is charged with four counts of invasion of privacy and one capture an intimate representation without consent.