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'Kids get bruises': Brookfield man accused of tackling, hitting 8-year-old relative

Posted at 4:05 PM, Sep 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-19 11:48:28-04

A Brookfield man has been charged after police say he tackled and repeatedly struck his 8-year-old relative.

Arthur H. Kramer's relatives were visiting him at his home in the Town of Brookfield on May 18 when he became angry with the 8-year-old for using a 'grumpy tone,' according to the criminal complaint.

Kramer then tackled the girl while she was walking to the door in the garage and began hitting her on her back with his hands, the complaint says.

In an interview with police, the 8-year-old child said Kramer caused her pain and she told him to stop. At that point, he made her go to her room.

When police confronted Kramer about the incident, the complaint says he told them, "kids get bruises," and said that the 8-year-old is "very disrespectful" and "not his biological child."

He also admitted to spanking the children, who in all are six, eight and 10-years-old, according to the complaint.

In a post on Facebook, Kramer said he has not and will never harm or abuse his relatives, stating "I love them with all my heart and always will."

Kramer is charged with one count of physical abuse of a child - intentionally cause bodily harm.