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Kenosha students take part in unique summer camp to learn skilled trade fields

Posted at 8:00 PM, Jul 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-20 23:22:08-04

KENOSHA -- Kenosha school leaders just partnered with area businesses to create a 'Skilled Trades Summer Camp' to show students opportunities that are now at their fingertips.

A study by Black & Decker Maker's Index found just 16 percent of teenagers are 'very likely' to consider a skilled trade career this year. With the rising cost of college, Kenosha Unified leaders found this summer may be the perfect time to help students explore all the possibilities out there, with the help of Kenosha-area businesses.

"It's kind of scary in my role coming up and not knowing if I'm going to have the staff or the electricians for the future," said Sawyer Schaefer.

Which is why skilled summer camps like this one in Kenosha are crucial to help students discover their passion in this industry at a young age.

Bradford High School freshman Riley is fascinated with building electrical systems at Pieper Power. Riley adds, "I think its cool that they're giving insight of actually how they do their jobs every day."

The unique summer camp allowed the students to visit area businesses all week. Seventh grader Olivia loved Riley Construction.

"We learned how to layer the bricks and how to put down concrete," she said.


The group that may have gotten the most out of it all are the local businesses that volunteered their time to teach our next generation.

"To see them actually learning something to see it click in their head... it's awesome," said Schaefer.

Leaders hope the camp, the first of its kind, will have a lasting impact on students.

WEB EXTRA: Hear the Coordinator of Career and Technical Education at Kenosha Unified District describe apprenticeship programs the district offers to high schoolers. "It allows kids to understand that 'Ok, now I really want to try this experience through part-time employment in my junior and senior year,'" he said.

Kenosha students take part in unique summer camp to learn skilled trade fields

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