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Watch live: Jake Patterson trial: Jayme Closs' kidnapper to be sentenced

Posted at 5:58 PM, May 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-24 16:30:31-04

The man who kidnapped Jayme Closs and killed her parents is expected to be sentenced to life in prison Friday afternoon.

21-year-old Jake Patterson pleaded guilty to murdering Jayme’s parents before holding her hostage for nearly 3 months.

As the final chapter of one of Barron County’s most heinous crimes comes to a close, the community that has rallied around Jayme is ready to put this long and painful journey behind them.

“Most people have been very concerned about the results of what’s going to happen and they just look forward to having it over with,” said Rick Huiras of Barron.

Patterson will find out his fate Friday for killing Jim and Denise Closs in their home back in October before kidnapping Jayme. Patterson confessed to authorities that he held Jayme captive for 88 days in a Douglas County cabin until she escaped in January.

“It’s amazing what a young lady can do and when she’s what I would assume was struggling very much with the situation she was in,” said Huiras.

Ever since Patterson pleaded guilty to the crimes, giving up his right to a trial, Jayme has made multiple public appearances. First at a fundraiser earlier this month, then a couple weeks ago when she was honored by lawmakers at the state capitol for her heroism.

“Barron has come around for that little girl just 200-percent,” said Lauretta Peterson of Barron.

“I’ve never talked to Jayme or haven’t met Jayme, but obviously the way things look she’s coming along quite well,” added Huiras.

Jayme’s family said on a community Facebook page that sentencing will bring finality to the unimaginable tragedy, allowing her a chance to finally begin to heal.

Patterson’s sentencing will take place at 1:30 Friday afternoon. It’s expected to last a couple hours as Jayme’s family members share how they were impacted by Patterson’s actions.