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'It's such a beautiful day:' Families soak in historic warm weather

Posted at 5:24 PM, Dec 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-26 18:24:30-05

MILWAUKEE — Families across southeast Wisconsin spent December 26 soaking up record-breaking heat.

"It feels absolutely amazing not climbing over snowbanks teeth not clacking. Just walking and enjoying the sun," said Geri Wilder.

When you combine record-breaking 50-degree weather with late December and free admission to the Milwaukee County Zoo you get long lines of eager families.

"It was well worth it. It's such a beautiful day," said Joan Delany who brought her granddaughters to the zoo.

We were caught in traffic outside the zoo parking lot for nearly 30 minutes when we met Jen Brown and her family walking to the zoo.

"We were in the long line and decided to go park after it said it was going to take 11 minutes to go half a mile," said Brown.

The detour was not enough to dampen their family's spirit.

There were no big and bulky parkas spotted at the zoo.

The only place colder than outside was the penguin exhibit where the birds feel at home in temperatures closer to freezing.

Families hit the ice over at Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee.

Mark pilling brought his two daughters to the ice rink.

"A lot easier to do this when it's 50 degrees than when it's 10 below," said Pilling.

The family wasn't too heartbroken about leaving their winter layers at home.

While it feels a little strange to be this warm the day after Christmas families were grateful for the winter break.