International students voice opinion on election

Posted at 10:26 PM, Nov 07, 2016
WAUKESHA -- A group of international students at Carroll University can't cast a ballot on Tuesday but said they would if they could.
"A lot of us people back in Denmark, and I also think everybody in the world, consider America as the world's superpower," Jesper Kildemand said.
Students said elections here are different than home. They're more controversial and less civilized, yet a bigger deal.  
"They're trying to bring each other down instead of elevating themselves up," said Minh Nguyen from Vietnam. 
"Comparing to our country, it's kind of a big issue here, and it's kind of like global politics and how it is related like everyone is talking about it," explained Saurav Pudasaini from Nepal. 
"The elections here are more about entertainment," Kildemand said. 
Immigration might affect them most, but students said it isn't the only issue they're worried about. 
"These elections are affecting every other country and we haven't selected someone yet," said Liliana Farias from Mexico. 
Her father's furniture business in Mexico is already taking a hit. 
"He's saying sales are going down because people are scared," Farias said. 
Students admit American's have a big decision on their hands. 
"I will say to the people who do not vote that they should support and care for this democracy, that they should value their own opinion and they should go vote," Kildemand said.