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'In the Nick of Time,' popular Milwaukee take-out restaurant, involved in break-in [VIDEO]

Posted at 10:54 PM, Feb 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-25 23:56:20-05

MILWAUKEE — Serving up his favorite comfort food is more than a labor of love for Nick Greer: owning his own restaurant a dream come true for this once Westlawn resident.

On Sunday morning his dream was shattered but not shaken. His take-out on 92nd and Silver Spring drive was broken into - glass everywhere.

"It was a mess my office was tore up and obviously been burglarized."

Surveillance cameras caught the thieves red-handed stealing cash from Geer's office.

"That is the part that hurts," said Greer. "I grew up down the street in Westlawn, and to look on the camera and see someone who looks just like me take is like..."

And even though the door was busted, and his money gone, Greer still cooked his Sunday soul food favorites for his customers.

His loyal customers have responded with more than just showing up for a good meal.

"They shared my Facebook post they inboxed me with tips and leads and I have given them to the police."

Meanwhile, Greer is determined to keep his restaurant open for business.

"It's hard, I'm a business owner, a struggling business I have five kids ... too many people depend on me not to do it. "

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