In the kitchen with Franklin pint-sized Food Network show contestant Abby Martin

Posted at 6:43 PM, Mar 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-08 07:22:28-05

She might look like your typical 14-year-old, but Abby Martin can out bake most adults.  The Franklin Middle Schooler made it all the way to the finale of "Kids Baking Championship" on the Food Network.

In the end, she didn't take home the grand prize, but she did walk away with an experience of a lifetime.

"It was like really eye-opening for me to see how all of it works," said Abby Martin.

The pint-size baker has always been a fan of the show, but she had no idea what network television was really like.

"I never knew like how many shots you had to take and how many cameras and how close they are to you," said Martin.

She said each hour-long episode actually took one or two days to film.

"You have to do like multiple takes of some of the stuff," said Martin.

Abby's love of baking comes from her mom.

"I'm just proud of everything that she accomplished on her own she never gave up even on tough days she always kept smiling and she made Wisconsin proud," said Diane Martin.

Even though Abby had a blast showing off her skills to America, she's happy there are no more secrets.

"It feels pretty awesome that I can just be.  I don't have to keep it a secret at all anymore," said Martin.

Abby already has her own baking business called Abby Baking, but it will likely be more of a hobby.  She wants to be an engineer.  You can follow Abby on Instagram @Abby_Baking