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"I'm scared to walk across the street," Mother of 6-year-old killed in hit-and-run speaks out

Posted at 1:05 AM, Oct 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-28 02:05:18-04

MILWAUKEE — Surrounded by dozens of people at a vigil Sunday night, Destiny Foster is staying strong.

"I'm going to get through this," Foster said. "Because I still got Amea, that's fighting, my baby fighting."

Foster has a three-year-old son, and a family spokesperson says her four-year-old daughter, Amea Gee, is still fighting for her life in intensive care. Her 6-year-old daughter, Alisa Gee, is gone. An ever-growing memorial of candles, balloons, flowers and pictures honors her memory at the intersection of 22nd and Center in Milwaukee. That's where she and her sister were struck in a hit-and-run on Thursday evening.

"I have to explain just not to one child but two kids where they sister at," Foster said.

A ten-year-old boy was hit as well. He remains in the hospital, according to a family spokesperson.

"What was y'all doing, did you not see these, it wasn't just three kids it, it was six kids," Foster said.

Investigators announced that a persons of interest were in custody on Friday. They also have located the vehicle that they believe to be involved.

Foster has a message for them.

"Whoever did this to these kids, you know, it just, it ain't just my kids, it's other kids that go through this stuff, it's other parents that lost their children, and still losing them because it's like yesterday was something and then today we standing here is something," Foster said. "It ain't just me, it's everybody, it's affecting everybody because it's they child," she said.

That's the message Rep. Kalan Haywood II of Milwaukee wants to take from his district back to lawmakers in Madison.

"We've got to do something different," Haywood said. "The things we are doing now has not been working, so it's time to make a change," he said.

Foster says she was overwhelmed by the support she's gotten, but it's going to take time.

"I just want everybody to love their kids, I mean, don't let them really leave, I mean kids got to be kids," Foster said. "But you got to explain to them, like certain stuff, baby, you got to show them different things, you know, don't always let them go outside to the park."

A family spokesperson has set up a GoFundMe to help the families.