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'I heard a thump!': West Allis neighbors shocked at storm damage to their homes

Posted at 5:30 PM, Aug 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-11 19:40:39-04

WEST ALLIS — Several West Allis homeowners are dealing with major storm damage from Tuesday night.

On 96th Street, we saw trees in homes. This includes Melissa Jacobson's home, who says, “The wind started picking stuff up and blowing sideways.”


Before she knew it, she heard a huge thump, the power went out and the tree in her backyard was now in her master bedroom. It is right where her husband sleeps each night.

“There's insulation all over our bedroom, and the tree went through in two or three different places. We probably have to have the entire roof redone," she says.

Thankfully no one was in the room when it happened.

Her neighbor Bret Wickersham also has repairs to do.

“There’s a hole all the way through into my son’s bedroom, and a lot of cracked plaster," said Wickersham.


His son was not home when it came crashing down.

“We’re hoping we can get somebody here to at least put a tarp on the roof, because we know that there’s supposed to be more weather coming in soon," he said.


The Wisconsin State Fair is also underway in West Allis. There was no major damage to report there Tuesday. A spokeswoman tells us they plan to stay in touch with the National Weather Service to keep everyone safe Wednesday night.

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