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"I don't think you can call what we watched last night a debate."

TMJ4's First Voters react to Presidential Debate.
Posted at 8:11 AM, Oct 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-01 09:11:21-04

It's not what they expected. Our First Voters are reacting to the chaotic presidential debate.

TMJ4 asked to them to tell us one issue or moment that stood out for each candidate,

"I don't think you can call what we watched last night a debate," said First Voter Hunter Acton.

Our First Voters were not impressed with the presidential debate, in fact they were really discouraged.

"It was pretty much a big hectic mess on both sides," said First Voter Riley McAdams.

Riley McAdams and Hunter Acton are busy freshmen college student, they are two of four First Voters we are following up until Election Day.

As for President Trump, the biggest thing that stood out to me was his refusal to condemn white supremacy and acknowledge the systemic racism," said McAdams, who is a Political Science freshmen at Marquette University.

Hunter Acton didn't think President Trump's aggressive style helped his case but he did have some good points.

"His two minutes on the topic of the economy, I think he crushed that," said Acton.

As for Vice President Biden, Acton thought Biden ducked answering some questions but did a good job of connecting with voters by looking directly at the camera.

"Which I do believe was a really smart idea for him because he really hasn't been on the campaign trail all that much, said Acton who is a Business Administration student at Roosevelt University in Illinois.

McAdams says Biden finally talked about a key issue for her this election. "His acknowledgment and plan for climate change and science."

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