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Hunting for ghosts at Milwaukee's Riverside Theater

Posted at 6:36 PM, Oct 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-26 19:36:46-04

MILWAUKEE — There is some paranormal activity happening at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee, and you have the chance to experience it.

Maybe you missed seeing or hearing the spirits when you saw a concert there, but 'Ghostatarian' Susan Fry says ghosts are there.

"I am convinced that it is haunted," she said.

Ghost Tours

It is considered by some one of the most haunted places in Milwaukee and all of Wisconsin. Now, with the speakers turned all the way down, you have a chance of experiencing ghosts at the Riverside.

The theater is offering ghost tours and ghost hunts.

The tours are led by "experienced ghost hunters" and will feature "eerie audio clips from past ghost hunts, spine-tingling tales of otherworldly encounters and an inside look at hot spots in the theater that aren’t normally open to the public," the theater said.

The 4th Floor

"Sounds like children footsteps running up and down along this hall which is very dark," Fry said.

In a hallway on the 4th floor, Fry said that reports of children laughing and running around have been made.

The theater set up infrared cameras that will trigger when something moves past it. There are also children's toys on the ground that invite any spirits to play with them.

The Balcony

"There’s been sightings of a lady sitting up here. She’s in like 1910s kind of early 1900s dress, and she’s just sitting there watching the show," Fry said.

This is at the top left of the seating section if you are facing the audience. Cameras are set up here too just in case there is any activity.

So if you felt like there was a strange presence around you while you were sitting down, it might have been this ghostly lady.

The Stage

"Over the years there has been a sighting of a gentleman, and he is obviously in costume, and he is striding across the stage as though it's time for a performance," Fry said.

The Basement

There have been reports of a "shadow figure darting back and forth" Fry said.

In fact, they even have audio recordings of what appears to be unexplainable noises coming from a specific area under the stage.

"(We) recorded EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) in this area that did not sound like they were coming from somebody who was particularly happy to be found," Fry said.

These experiences are dependent on which tour you choose:

The Riverside Theater Ghost Tour, Fridays and Saturdays, Oct. 9 – 31 and Thursday, Oct. 29:

  • 60-minute tour of hot spots for paranormal activity (not normally open to the public)
  • Learn historical tidbits about the Riverside from haunted historians
  • Hear spine-tingling tales and listen to unexplainable, eerie EVPs from past ghost hunts
  • Bar service available before and after tours

The Late Night Ghost Hunt, Oct. 30 and 31, Halloween Night:

  • Exclusive 3-hour investigation (11:30 PM – 2:30 AM) starting on stage with a séance led by a medium who’s no stranger to the spiritual energy of the theater
  • Includes access to ghost hunting equipment such as digital voice recorders (for capturing EVPs), infrared thermometers, EMF detectors, a spirit box
  • Spend the night exploring hot spots in the theater with the help of experienced paranormal investigators
  • Souvenir gift commemorative Riverside Theater Ghost Tour ‘All Access’ Laminate

Click here to learn more.

While the theater only has dates scheduled through Halloween, they are considering offering extra dates in November.

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