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Hunger Task Force pushes through holiday season with CARES Act expiring

Posted at 3:49 PM, Dec 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-16 19:16:39-05

The Hunger Task Force is pushing on, serving people in need as the pandemic lingers into the new year.

Ahead of the holidays three large trucks worth of food were loaded into cars and given to the elderly outside the Southside Health Center. A line of seniors waited in their cars as members of the Hunger Task Force filled their cars with essential food items.

“Getting some food for Christmas,” said Ruth Hendley, a senior in line to receive food.

Hendley said it makes a huge difference during the holidays.

“It means a lot,” Hendley said. “That comes up to a lot of money and it's wonderful. At least, people, they come here. They won’t starve.”

Roger, another senior who didn't share his last name, walked to Wednesday's food distribution.

“It’s a gift. A gift for people who don’t have much,” Roger said.

He needed a bigger cart to take his much-needed groceries home. Hunger Task Force gave a new one during his interview with TMJ4 News.

Despite the good, the Hunger Task Force faces challenges of its own.

“We’re going to face a time where we have limited amounts of food again,” said Sherrie Tussler, executive director.

A food cliff is what they face when federal funding runs out at the end of the year. They await more funding in a Joe Biden administration.

“We’re going to scoot her off the cliff because the food we’ve been getting through the CARES act, and the support we’ve been getting through the CARES act is going to disappear,” Tussler said.

Tussler said the mission to feed families will continue in the meantime.

“Knowing that we are essential, made all the difference to me,” Tussler said. “It was just motivating because you see the people in the parking lots."

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