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Hunger Task Force purchases new warehouse to store food for families

Posted at 4:08 PM, Dec 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-18 17:08:48-05

WEST MILWAUKEE — A new warehouse purchased by the Hunger Task Force has become yet another tool for the organization to help families in crisis.

"This is really, really exciting for us," said Sherrie Tussler, the Executive Director for the Hunger Task Force.

The first delivery of nutritious food to the Hunger Task Force's new warehouse was made Friday. The boxes and boxes of food will be given to families in southeast Wisconsin.

"One of the challenges that the Hunger Task Force had early in the game was having enough room to put the food that we were getting from the federal government and food that we were purchasing," said Tussler.

The Hunger Task Force will use the new facility as the main place to give away food, replacing their two previous locations. Locations such as their facility on Hawley Court, where food organizations lined up to receive critical items that will be used to give out food safely to those in need during the cold winter months.

"We’re getting a heater, that’s to keep people warm because we’re not allowed to let them into the building," said Deacon Herbert Highshaw, a member of the Greater Galilee Missionary Baptist Church Meal Program.

"The Hunger Task Force was the one who told us, 'if you want to serve outside, we have tables for you. If you need to serve outside, and we do, we’re going to get you heaters,'" said Brother Robert Wotypka, who's apart of Capuchin Community Services

And as the number of families who are food insecure continues to grow, many are hopeful that with the Hunger Task Force’s help, they'll be able to fulfill that need.

"Frankly I believe it’s still the eye of the hurricane. I don’t think the real need has arrived at our doors yet. But with the partnership we have with the Hunger Task Force, I hope and I pray that we will be ready," said Brother Wotypka.

The timeline is not exact, but the Hunger Task Force hopes to have their new warehouse up and running in 2021. To donate to the Hunger Task Force, click here.

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