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How much would it take for you to move to a new city? Fond du Lac is offering up to $15,000

Posted at 6:04 AM, Oct 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-01 09:45:40-04

FOND DU LAC — How much would it take for you to pick up and move to a new city?

In Fond du Lac County, leaders are offering up to $15,000.

Leaders say the need for workers is 'critical.' This is because 25 percent of all people who live in the county will reach retirement age in the next decade. That is 34,000 people.

Family-owned company Grande Cheese has been a staple in Fond du Lac for 80 years.

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Rick Froh says orders for their delicious Sicilian cheeses soared during the pandemic. He says there are 50 open positions in Fond du Lac County alone, even with a $1,000 hiring bonus incentive right now.

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"Every time I'm in the facility, the human cry here is 'please no more overtime, you just got to go out and hire more folks,'" said Froh.

'Please no more overtime'

Sadie Parafiniuk with Envision Greater Fond du Lac says from food workers to CEOs, this relocation offer is available to anyone.

"We have some major employers in Fond Du Lac County. Mercury Marine makes world-renowned boat motors. Alliance Laundry System," said Parafiniuk. "If you want clean laundry, a boat motor or cheese for your pizza from Grande Cheese, we need to have employees and workers at these places."

Here's how employees could land that $15,000 offer to move to Fond du Lac for work:

  • Employers will have to foot the entire bill up front.
  • The business will be reimbursed for half the amount they award each worker, once the employee sticks around for one year.
  • The money will be paid out through county taxpayer dollars already earmarked for economic development, according to Parafiniuk.

Parafiniuk says you do not even need to apply to each business in Fond du Lac. You can just submit your resume to them, and they will match you with qualifying employers who know you are willing to move for that $15,000 incentive. Click here to learn more.

The idea to dole out cash to lure employees is not unique. Fond du Lac mirrored their plan with a similar one that has worked in Topeka, Kansas. Parafiniuk says leaders there were able to attract 40 people there in its first year. Fond du Lac hopes to hit the same milestone as well.

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