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Holiday weekend has patrols searching for underage drinkers, drunk drivers and illegal fireworks

Posted at 10:19 PM, Jul 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-04 18:34:35-04

Law enforcement from several agencies plan to have extra patrols out on foot and on the roads throughout the holiday weekend.

Milwaukee County Sheriff Earnell Lucas said deputies will keep a close eye on the lakefront for underage drinking, drunk driving and illegal fireworks at county parks.

Hundreds of people got a head start in celebrating one of our nation’s favorite holidays Wednesday night at Bradford Beach. Dozens could be found playing volleyball, catching some rays and grilling with friends.

Abu Pablo has plenty of fun plans ahead.

“I’m going to try to crash someone’s party,” he said. “Someone that preferably is really good at barbecuing meat.”

For some including Kade Cribb-Wimer, it’s just the beginning of a big party weekend.

“I think Wisconsin, in general, every holiday is a drinking holiday,” he said.

Lucas said the Fourth of July weekend only ranks behind St. Patrick’s Day for boosted patrols, especially along the lakefront with Summerfest in full swing.

“It’s a very large complement of deputies as well as police officers and state patrol that are out this weekend,” Lucas said.

Sheriff’s deputies got a head start last weekend at Bradford Beach by citing 20 minors for underage drinking. Each one got a $263.50 fine. Lucas doesn’t want to see a repeat.

“It’s a very large complement of deputies as well as police officers and state patrol that are out this weekend.” — Milwaukee County Sheriff Earnell Lucas

“The young people out here consuming alcohol and being on the roads, it’s a very dangerous combination,” he said.

Lucas is also reminding those flipping burgers to keep an eye on the flames, and when it comes to fireworks, leave it to the professionals.

“There’s still ordinances here in Milwaukee County prohibiting fireworks, even sparklers,” he said.