‘He's tied up': Greendale police charge two in burglary-murder

Posted at 5:14 PM, Oct 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-31 23:11:38-04

Greendale police have charged two Milwaukee men accused of murdering a Greendale man in a burglary, only getting away with only $160. 

Calvin Fleener, 42,  and James Johansen, 22, are charged with the murder of Kenneth Latus, who was found tied up and strangled in his home, according to the criminal complaint. 

Greendale police said in a news release that a female called 911 screaming, “he’s tied up!" after the family found Latus, 76, dead in the home on Oct. 21. 

"A young lady came out she was running outside and she was screaming just screaming hysterical about what happened," said Yasmyn Horvath, a neighbor.

Officers checked Latus' wallet while investigating and found he was robbed of $160 in cash. 

A family member told police that Latus had received a package not addressed to him, and Fleener had allegedly come to the house earlier looking for that package. 

Home security footage shows Fleener and Johansen returning to the house later and more security video on a Milwaukee County bus captured the two suspects commenting after the murder.

Police said Fleener made a sarcastic comment, saying “oh my hand!” He then told Johansen, “we did good, bro,” and high-fived him after the two looked into a drawstring bag that appeared to have money in it. 

Johansen was arrested near the homeless camp where he lives in Milwaukee, and Fleener surrendered to Milwaukee police, who turned him over to the Greendale PD.

Neighbors were shocked to hear of the murder. 

"Never happens around here," said Ray Rentmeester, a neighbor

"This is the safest neighborhood this is the nicest community," Horvath said.

Fleener is charged with first-degree reckless homicide, robbery, and burglary, which together carry a maximum sentence of 90 years. 

Johansen is charged with felony murder and robbery, and faces a max sentence of 45 years. 

"It's just strange just unusual," Rentmeester said.