Heat exhaustion can arrive quickly

Posted at 5:58 PM, Jul 22, 2016

MILWAUKEE - Heat exhaustion on a day like we had Friday can come on fast. No one knows that better than the firefighters TODAY’S TMJ4 met at a north side house fire.

Two firefighters were overcome by the heat while putting out that fire near 38th and Wright Friday morning.  Sweat was pouring off Battalion Chief Dan Lipski's forehead after he told us about it.

“The companies that you see behind me, this is probably only their first and second
of potentially 20 runs today. So they’re gonna have to combat this all day," said Lipski.

Even if you were wearing shorts and a t-shirt Friday, the heat and humidity made it feel uncomfortable.

“Now you add about 65 to 75 pounds of gear with a hat and it keeps all your heat. It keeps all your moisture in, so by the end of the fire, you’re more than likely have wet socks from all the sweat running down. All of your clothes will be soaked through and you’re going to be very thirsty," said Lipski.

Lipski says watch yourself, and watch those around you for signs of trouble. Signs of heat exhaustion include sweating, weakness, rapid breathing, nausea, or vomiting.
For heat stroke, it's those symptoms plus confusion, a rapid pulse, hot red and dry skin, headache ,and dizziness.

For heat exhaustion, stop all activities, get someplace cool and drink something cool.  If it's a heat stroke, get to a shady spot and call 911.

Festa Italiana was giving away free bottled water Friday.  There were also misting stations and a splash pad. But, really, the breeze off the lake was making it feel pretty good out there Friday.