Heat becomes a factor in Memorial Day activities

Posted at 5:19 PM, May 28, 2018

It’s the unofficial start of summer and when you talk to people spending their Memorial Day outside, some will tell you, it felt like it.

“This is more humid and more uncomfortable and I’m not used to it,” said one man at the Brewers game. 

Temperatures held steady in the 90’s in parts of Waukesha County. People attending the Elm Grove Memorial Parade brought tents, water bottles and sunscreen to prepare. 

One parent told us band directors at Pilgrim Park Middle School decided Sunday night, the kids shouldn’t march in the parade because the predicted heat was a safety concern. 

One mother said her high school son in the band at Brookfield East, marched in the parade, but not in his usual polyester uniform. She said he wore shorts and a band t-shirt. 

“I’m sure it’s still pretty hot for him, with that 50 pound drum or whatever it is, but it wasn’t as miserable,” she said. 

To stay cool outside for the parade and picnics, people and pets drank a lot of water. 
One woman had her very own portable cooling system, a specialized wet towel called a Frog Togg. 

“It helps cool you down about 30 degrees so you wet it and wear it,” said the woman. 

A lot of people agreeing Monday’s heat was bearable when compared to Sunday. 

“We were watching everybody just bake outside in the sun about halfway through the game, the seats were about half empty,” said one Brewers fan who went to Sunday’s game.