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Hardworking teachers juggle multiple roles each day at Walworth Co. school

Posted at 5:26 AM, Nov 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-05 07:45:05-04

WALWORTH, Wis. - The term 'it takes a village' is so fitting for the two teachers we are about to introduce you to.

Collectively, they hold more than a dozen roles.

Just a couple miles from the shores of Geneva Lake sits Big Foot High School.

Teachers Stacie Sheppard and Angela Gulotta are hard at work, prepping for a very busy day.

"I teach physics, honors physics, biology regular and honors level. I also teach our engineering classes," says Gulotta, explaining just a few of her duties each day.

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Off the top of her head, Sheppard could remember a few of her roles each day. "Alternative education teacher, social studies teacher, director of assessment," said Sheppard.

"I'm also one of our teacher mentors," Gulotta adds.

After school, Gulotta helps with the volleyball and basketball score book. Sheppard is the bowling club coach.

"I do lists all the time. I have lists everywhere, all over the place!" said Sheppard.

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Biology, physics and chemistry are often taught by different teachers. But in smaller districts like Big Foot, they are all taught by Gulotta.

During the day Gulotta has physics and honors physics at the same time, in the same classroom. "You gotta be a good planner," said Gulotta.

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"It's not like at seven to three o'clock the bell rings and were out the door," said Sheppard.

These women love what they do. It also opens them up to more opportunities.

Sheppard hopes to become a director of special education at Big Foot. "I have a seven-year-old son who has Down Syndrome and I wanted to be able to share that parent perspective," she said.

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This may be an important lesson for all of us to understand how crucial teacher's roles are in our children's lives, and the fabric of our entire community.

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