Harbor seal pup born at Milwaukee County Zoo

MILWAUKEE -- A harbor seal pup was born at the Milwaukee County Zoo early Wednesday morning, the Zoo says.

The seal pup was born to mother Sydney and father Ringo. Zookeepers report it's doing well, and nursing and bonding with its mother. Its gender is not yet known.

The pup will be weaned and taught to eat fish, which will be hand-fed to it by zookeepers, in about a month.

"In the wild, harbor seals live along the temperate and Arctic marine coastline of the Northern Hemisphere, and has the widest distribution of any seal species. They can dive to depths of 500 feet, but depths of up to 1,460 have been recorded, remaining submerged for up to 30 minutes at a time," the Zoo said in a news release.

The pup is now on public exhibit, but the Zoo notes it and Sydney do have the choice to go off-exhibit at any time.

The birth is part of a recent baby boom at the zoo - a baby giraffe named 'Maya' was born just last week.

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