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Greenfield stabbing suspect told family he was 'going to go out and kill people'

Posted at 11:38 PM, Aug 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-30 00:38:32-04

GREENFIELD — The family of a teen suspected in a deadly stabbing attack in Greenfield said he would often say he was "going to go out and kill people." Those words come from the search warrant connected to Amando Lang, 19.

Greenfield Police said he stabbed Ben Christianson, 49, in the neck, killing him. Investigators believe Lang had never met Christianson before and the attack was random.

It shocked Lang's neighbor, Nicole Litscher, who said he was a sweet teen and often played with her kids.

"Just how, why? (shakes head) Why?" asked Litscher.

Lang is seen on home surveillance video, according to court documents, walking toward 60th Street before the stabbing. Then he runs back toward 61st Street.

"Did you see anybody running past here?" asked an unidentified officer on the video.

Then surveillance video showed police vehicles flood the area and the neighborhood goes on lockdown.

"Just stay inside, just in case," said an officer to a homeowner on the video.

Lang's neighbor said they never considered him violent, even after he was seen in their courtyard swinging a sword.

"It was just weird. But even with the weird you never went to murder," said Litscher.

But a search warrant paints a different picture. Lang's family told police he regularly "carries weapons around, mostly knives." Lang often said "he is going to go out and kill people, as he leaves the house." Lang's family says he struggles with mental health issues and had "stopped taking his medication."