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Greenfield Fire says phone app makes reporting potholes more efficient

Posted at 5:15 PM, Apr 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-01 19:28:14-04

GREENFIELD — It is a modern way to fix the old pothole issue.

"I wasn't seeing that being taken care of in a timely fashion so I voiced my concern and they were out the next day," Greenfield resident Dave Nessman said.

When Nessman noticed potholes lingering around his home he did not call the city to report them. He used a free app called SeeClickFix.

"It'll give you a timeline, location, comments, and what the city's done," Nessman explained.

Through the app, reporting a potholes is as easy as taking a picture, adding a description, and hitting submit. Monday we searched for recently reported potholes in Greenfield waiting to be filled, but often found the work was already done.

Greenfield Fire oversees the apps' use in the city. Assistant Chief George Weber said through the app they can update users on their specific issue.

"To me, the greatest benefit of this product is the efficiency that's involved," Weber said.

Weber added the caveat is that Greenfield has state and county roads so the city does not maintain those roads. However, people can still use the app to report issues.

"We'll still notify the proper jurisdiction whether it be the state or the county. We just don't have control over how fast they're going to get to them," Weber said.

Bayside and South Milwaukee also use the app. City of Milwaukee has their own pothole reporting system.