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Greenfield Fire Department takes precautions amid snowstorm

Posted at 7:51 PM, Jan 22, 2019

As Wisconsin sees more snowfall, the Greenfield Fire Department takes extra precautions for the elements.

In their line of work there is no time to lose so preparation is important.

Fire crews must keep back up winter gear on hand, coffee canisters of salt for icy walkways, and consider deploying extra vehicles and manpower to clear snow and ice.

The department will even wash their vehicles less frequently to avoid the risk of them freezing up.

“If it takes us another 10 seconds to do a task on the fire ground, another 20 seconds to do something else, another minute to get that hydrant shoveled out it adds up,” said Greenfield Fire Lt. Andrew Greil.

Firefighters urge people to clear the snow around fire hydrants and give them space when they are traveling to a call or working a scene in the roads.