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Greenfield and Franklin families celebrate the Fourth with a variety of activities

Posted at 6:59 AM, Jul 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-05 07:59:29-04

Dozens of Fourth of July firework celebrations lit up the night sky across southeast Wisconsin Thursday night.

Independence Day at Konkel Park in Greenfield had just about everyone sporting red, white and blue, putting their American pride on full display.

Max Minkebige and his friends passed time with a competitive game of bags as they waited for the fireworks.

“Just hanging out with family and friends, playing a little bean bag toss, just lost so that wasn’t very fun,” he said.

No one loses by Keyonna Ferris’ grill that was stacked with a Fourth of July style feast.

“Brats and burgers,” Ferris said.

Down in Franklin, hundreds staked out their spots days in advance for the fireworks show like Gina Becker.

“They know us, this is our spot, we keep one of our vehicles here for the entire time of the festivities,” Becker said.

It’s been a Becker family tradition for the past two decades that seems to get better each year.

“Been coming out with the kids, my daughter’s 23 now, my son is 18 so we just kind of keep growing with friends and family,” she said.
Some spent the day playing games at the carnival. Dominic Pierangeli walked away with a prize bigger than himself.

“I traded a lot of prizes to get it,” he said.

There were also rides on the ground and in the sky for the brave like Nicholas Glodoski who took a helicopter ride.

“I just tuned out the whole world, I was just giddy with excitement the whole time,” he said.