Green Alerts bill helps at-risk veterans

Posted at 4:34 PM, Oct 04, 2017

Months after a missing veteran was found dead, his family is calling on lawmakers for change.

It's called The Corey Adams Searchlight Act, named after a Milwaukee veteran who went missing earlier this year.

Despite Adams' family filing a missing person's report it took eight days before he was determined to meet critical missing criteria by Milwaukee police so now Adams' family and lawmakers are introducing Green Alerts.

It's a pain Carmen Adams could never forget.

"That was probably the worst day of my life thus far. A lot of sleepless nights, it was horrible," she said.

Between March 20 and April 7, Carmen said she and her family searched all over Milwaukee for her big brother Corey.

"It was very frustrating and just very tough to deal with," she said.

But they couldn't find him. Corey was a veteran diagnosed with PTSD and Bipolar disorder. After 18 days his body was recovered from Milwaukee pond.

"He's greatly missed, greatly missed," Carmen said.

So to honor his life, the family and lawmakers have drafted a bill requiring missing at-risk veterans to be critically missing persons immediately after police are notified.

"It will help families, they won't have to go through and suffer like we did," she said.

This would provide urgent search efforts just like Amber and Silver alerts.

"We really need to start making our veterans a priority I mean they fight for our freedom," Carmen said. "Those people should be found like in a matter of hours versus days like my brother was."

Carmen just doesn't want this to happen in Wisconsin, she would like this law to be national. Get this Corey was found within a mile from his parents’ house. The bill will be referred to Assembly and Senate committees next week.

State Sen. LaTonya Johnson has co-authored this bill. She gave us this statement saying:

"Our veterans have sacrificed so much, yet they don't always receive the support that they need to manage the challenges of service-related health conditions. This bill gives us the tools we need offer aid when a veteran goes missing."