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Grassroots organization looks at race through a young person's eyes

Posted at 5:45 AM, Feb 17, 2020

MILWAUKEE -- Three schools full of students from different walks of life came together to break down racial barriers in Milwaukee.

The Repairing Together project is a program of the Milwaukee Jewish Day School that partners with the Indian Community School, the Bruce Guadalupe UCC School and Milwaukee College Prep School.

They came together to tackle tough subjects such as discrimination. All of them learned what it takes for the community come together.

It was a change of pace for 8th graders at Milwaukee Jewish Day School. The next generation in our community is taking part in a day-long exercise put on by Grassroots Organization.

Milwaukee Municipal Court Judge Derek Mosley helped their peers from Bruce Guadalupe, Indian Community and Jewish Day Schools share their views. This includes discrimination.

"What is something we can do?" Judge Mosley asked the crowd.

"Our school helped pass a law about passing Indigenous People's Day," replied a student from Indian Community School.

This opened the eyes of Sarah Yudkovitch who attends Milwaukee Jewish Day.

"I learned that other people also seem to have similar issues being discriminated against and it's just as big of an issue as antisemitism and its made me more aware of it," she said.

In order to make change, you need to reach out, which is why Judge Mosley had everyone get up and talk to someone they did not know.

Events like these allow students to come together and know what to do the next time they see someone who may not look like them, because we all have much more in common than we think.

To learn more about this Grassroots Organization, click here.

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