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Gov. Tony Evers reminds parents to talk safety as kids head back to school

Posted at 8:06 AM, Aug 26, 2019

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers is reminding parents to discuss the importance of staying safe this week, as many kids get ready to head back to school.

As many students are set to return to the classroom this week, the governor is asking parents to prepare their children for an emergency with several tips to stay safe during the upcoming school year.

“While folks across our state are getting ready to kick off another great school year, we want to make sure we’re talking with kids about safety before they’re back in the classroom,” said Gov. Evers

Starting with communication, experts say that kids need to know who to contact in an emergency. Consider creating an emergency communication plan, and keeping a copy of it in your child's backpack or wallet. Keep a copy of your emergency plan on file at your student’s school. For an example communication plan, click here.

Does school allow cell phones? If your local school allows students to have a phone, program it with important contact numbers. Text first, talk second. Getting a phone call through during an emergency may be difficult because of call congestion, according to the governor's office.

Do you know how to evacuate? Be aware of the school’s evacuation plan and where students will be taken during an emergency, along with how to reunite with them after they are safe. If your school allows you to designate additional people who are authorized to retrieve your student if you are unable to do so yourself, ensure that information is current.

Students who drive to school should have an emergency kit in their vehicle with items such as snacks, warm blankets, extra clothing and jumper cables.

“By taking the time before the semester to talk about and plan for what happens in an emergency, we can help make sure our kids have a happy and safe school year," Evers said.