Owner of Third Ward's St. Paul Fish Company claps back on bad review

Owner of Third Ward's St. Paul Fish Company claps back on bad review
Posted at 11:33 AM, Apr 09, 2018

MILWAUKEE -  The owner of the Third Ward's St. Paul Fish Company took it upon himself to shut down a particularly negative review of the seafood restaurant on TripAdvisor with some humor.

St. Paul's is "Milwaukee's go to for the Best in Fresh Seafood," their website says. They specialize in sandwiches, fish fry, grilled fish dinners -- and customers are generally very satisfied.

One vocal TripAdvisor user, Cass, was clearly not satisfied. Her complaint was titled, "TOO LONG OF A WAIT." In the review, Cass says she wasn't able to enjoy the food because the wait was too long. She expressed frustration about the wait and urged everyone to not waste their time.

"For a place this popular, it is pretty crazy to have such few tables and such long waits. Skip it and go somewhere else."

St. Paul Fish Company's owner, Timothy C., responded to the review in a takedown that went viral on Reddit's Milwaukee community.

The response, equal parts humorous and sarcastic, starts off with a quip from the great Yogi Berra:

"Your review reminds me of the old Yogi Berra story, 'nobody goes there anymore it's too crowded."

The owner then points out that Cass visited a seafood restaurant on Good Friday - "the busiest day of the year."

Timothy said he discussed Cass's concerns with the management team, and shared the "possible changes" they could implement to accommodate her:

  1. "Increasing seating: We can't there is no room to expand. 
  2. Making the food worse so that people like Cass, who feel so entitled, can sit right away because there is less demand: Not really a good business move we decided. 
  3. Shutting down the restaurant to make Cass happier: Sorry, another dead end. 
    I'm sorry that none of those solutions are viable."

The owner ended his response suggesting that Cass goes somewhere else that people don't want to eat at.

See the rest of the review HERE.