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Gas prices falling, but travelers may pay more in hospitality this Labor Day Weekend

A gallon of unleaded costs $3.630 on average in Wisconsin, according to AAA.
Posted at 5:11 PM, Sep 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-02 18:22:31-04

MILWAUKEE — As high gas prices continue to fall, albeit slowly, travelers appear more comfortable hitting the road this Labor Day Weekend.

A gallon of unleaded costs $3.630 on average in Wisconsin, according to AAA.

Sean Hettenbach drove to Milwaukee from Texas last week for a wedding.

"Once you get into the Illinois area, the northern areas, it definitely spiked up there, $3.69, $3.79, it's kind of insane," said Hettenbach of the gas prices.

But he still made the trip in 16 hours.

"Family comes first. They said, 'Hey, we have a wedding coming up.' I said I'll be there overnight," said Hettenbach.

Not everyone is traveling that far this holiday. Door County is attracting plenty of visitors from Wisconsin and the Chicago suburbs.

"It's nice to see the gas prices coming down. I think it's helpful for all the families in the U.S. to see gas prices, make travel take place more extensively over the weekend," said Kevin Kryscio of Hinsdale, Illinois.

If you haven't yet committed to travel plans, Destinations Wisconsin has a few ideas.

"[You could] go over to Prairie du Sac. They have the cow chip festival, throwing those cow chips," said Julia Hertel, with Destinations Wisconsin.

Now, if that doesn't sound appealing, she said, you could try the Taste of Madison or travel to Two Rivers for Kites Over Lake Michigan.

It's also worth planning ahead if you hit the road, she said. It's not just gas prices that are higher.

"With inflation, increased wages and supply chain issues, some hospitality businesses have needed to raise prices," said Hertel.

She also reminds us to be kind, especially with shortages in the service sector.

"It's a matter of being patient and understanding that. We have a really hardworking hospitality [industry] in Wisconsin. They're going to do their best with their service," said Hertel.

TMJ4 also spokes with Travel Wisconsin for a few Labor Day Weekend tips.

"It's so hard to pick. We actually have more than 140 events and festivals taking place across Wisconsin this weekend," said Anne Sayers, Travel Wisconsin Secretary-designee.

"Lean into what Wisconsin is known for and get out there and enjoy some of those iconic moments. Maybe one idea is water skiing. We actually have the most water ski show clubs of any state in the nation," said Sayers.

Those ski clubs, she said, put on their final show during Labor Day Weekend. The Rock Aqua Jays, in Janesville, "are really good," said Sayers. There last show of the season is Sunday.

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