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Gardening experts: Don't panic about potentially historic spring snow storm

Posted at 5:24 PM, Apr 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-26 18:35:19-04

A potentially historic spring snow storm on Saturday could obviously make the roads slick in southeastern Wisconsin, but are homeowners’ flowers and gardens in jeopardy as well?

Gardening experts say don’t panic about mid-spring snow, even right before May, as you’ll likely only find minor damage to your plants.

Grass is green and flowers are in bloom bringing vibrant colors to Allan Hauth’s front yard in Fox Point.

"We got a lot of daffodils, we’ve got plants coming up that are budded," Hauth said.

A sunny spring day in the 60s is expected to be followed by the last thing most Wisconsinites want to see in late April: 3-6 inches of snow.

"Absolutely not, driveway markers, snow shovels are all stored away for the year," he said.

Hauth is worried his fragile plants will be more than just confused.

"Some of them are going to get damaged, bent over," he said.

Over at Bayside Garden Center on Brown Deer Rd., customers are coming with plenty of questions.

"What they can do, how to protect their plants, what will be OK?" said General Manager Andy Kolowith.

Kolowith says plants in pots should be taken inside the garage or under shelter like garden center employees are practicing themselves.

"We load them up and wheel them inside, just to not take any chances," he said.

That obviously isn't an option for plants already in the ground.

"I think more of the damage of the snow is the weight than the temperatures," explained Kolowith. "Some of the more fragile flowers, the stems and things, it’s generally not going to kill your flowers."

Given the snow’s timing, it likely won’t be here more than 24 hours.

"It just might make them look a little unsightly for a few weeks until they grow out of it," said Kolowith. "My biggest message would be not to panic. It’s not going to be catastrophic for your plants. Just protect your tender annuals and perennials and the rest will be OK."