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Frustration mounts over no action from state lawmakers on gun control

Posted at 10:07 PM, Nov 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-08 23:11:59-05

There are few topics more polarizing than gun control. But right now, there's a shared frustration among people on opposite sides of the gun control debate.

It's over state lawmakers, and what many see as a total gridlock in Madison. We were at the state capitol last night as Republicans started and ended the Governor's "special session" on guns within seconds, taking no action.

When it comes to gun control, Colette Shumpert and Sean Eaton have different perspectives.

Shumpert's son, Michael Brown, Jr., was shot and killed in Milwaukee seven years ago, by a man with a stolen gun.

Eaton owns Fletcher Arms, a gun shop and indoor pistol range in Waukesha.

"We don't have to agree," Shumpert said. "But we are open to hearing each other out. I believe that if there's one thing we can do to save one life, we should do it."

"A law-abiding person should be able to carry wherever they want because they're law abiding," Eaton said. "Changing a law isn't going to stop a criminal from doing anything that the criminal already does."

But Shumpert and Eaton both believe that state Democrats and Republicans should be able to have civil, serious discussions about guns - including a pair of bills calling for universal background checks, and allowing judges to take away guns from people deemed a threat.

Thursday night, lawmakers squashed any chance of discussing those bills.

"There's a lot of talk, but not a lot of listening," Eaton said. "This has been going on for years."

"Take the vote, have the conversation," Shumpert said. "To not even allow it to be heard - what that means is that they're saying no life is worth it, and that's hard for me to swallow, because I lost a son."