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Freeway floods again prompting overnight closures

Posted at 1:43 PM, Aug 21, 2018

GLENDALE -- For the third time in less than a week, a part of the freeway was shut down by flood waters.

Late Monday night, water rushed over I-43 near Good Hope Road, closing traffic in both directions for two hours.

Officers said there was a lot of water in the same section. One officer says there was roughly two feet of water and they were trying to figure out if one of the storm drains was clogged. 

The section of freeway shut down twice on Friday after more than three inches of rain fell in an hour in Glendale. The section of roadway has construction where they added a new storm drain over the weekend. However, it doesn’t appear it helped with the late night closure on Monday after more than four inches of rain fell in the area. 

The positive sign from this flooding is it left nobody stranded. Wisconsin DOT says drivers heeded the warning, "turn around. don't drown."

"Very few people tried to push through the standing water," Mike Pyritz with Wisconsin DOT said. "People used discretion and caution. It's a message we tried to get out."

Wisconsin DOT is working to figure out how this happened.