Free Thanksgiving Day meal in Racine

Posted at 8:38 AM, Nov 26, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-26 09:38:39-05
RACINE -- 92 turkeys. 500 pounds of potatoes. 400 pounds of yam. 150 pounds of cranberry sauce.
It will all be served at a free community meal in Racine Thursday.
Last year the event fed 2,500 Racine community members. 
Dan Johnson of Danny's Meats and Ray Stibeck of Route 20 Outhouse and Route 20 Chicken and Waffles came up with the idea six years ago because they wanted to give back to the community. 
"When you get that feeling of hopelessness and like 'well nobody cares about anybody anymore,' which is kinda the norm it seems like, which is unfortunate, and then you see all these people come out in your community, then you know hey the spirit is still there, the community is still there, we just gotta, you know, respark the flame," Stibeck said.
There will be more than just food at the party: there will be football on a big screen, live music, face painting, arts and crafts, as well as an extensive candy and dessert table.
The event is open to the public and will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Racine Festival Hall, 5 5th St.