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Foundation helps cancer patients through random acts of kindness

Posted at 7:02 PM, Jul 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-30 20:02:26-04

The fight against cancer is a grueling process that can sometimes leave patients feeling lonely.

However, the This Time Tomorrow Foundation works to make sure patients don't lose hope through the Random Acts of Kindness Initiative or RAK. 

The founder's co-creator and president Cory Zimmerman says he personally stared RAK as a new year's resolution. But his need to give grew. Thus the foundation took on the initiative, giving out nearly 180 RAKs, which includes a $3,000 check and small gifts. Zimmerman says these random acts of kindness give patients, who're constantly fighting for their lives, a break. 

"If they can shut off the stuff that they're going through for 24 hours they can use that money for that," said Zimmerman. 

Pamela Faeh is a hospice nurse battling ovarian cancer at Froedtert Hospital's Cancer Center. Now, she has three thousand dollars thanks to RAK. Faeh is a mother of 10, grandmother to 28, and constantly use to giving. So she says taking this gift felt a little odd.

"You don't know that there's that many people out there until you've been through it," said Faeh. 

Holding her gifts Faeh's repeated hugs and tear of joy are genuine thanks for helping her keep hope.

"Take that little bit of hope and you keep it going for tomorrow. Because you're going to wake up tomorrow, and then tomorrow you make it go for the next day. And the next day for the next day," said Faeh. 

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