Former Kenosha sheriff's captain accused of sex assault at nursing home

Assaults happened at Carey Manor
Posted at 6:45 PM, Nov 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-01 20:43:57-04
A former Kenosha County sheriff's captain is facing charges after allegedly sexual assaulting a woman at his wife's care facility.
Clarence Mielke, 73, faces two counts of second-degree sexual assault and another two counts of sexual assault by employee or entity. According to the criminal complaint, the victim said it's been going on for years.
"It makes you feel sick to your stomach,” neighbor Lynda Zettler said. "It makes you scared."
Zettler is now looking at their neighbor in a different light after the accusations. Pleasant Prairie police said nursing aids came forward after allegedly witnessing Mielke sexually assault a 50-year-old woman with Huntington’s Disease on two occasions in mid-September.
In an interview with police, the victim stated, “that this conduct was going on for years." She later said, “that Skip told her to keep it a secret."
Skip, Mielke's nickname, had been a sheriff's captain for Kenosha County.
"It's something that I'm glad is addressed," Sheriff David Beth said.
Beth worked with Mielke for more than a decade.
"All my dealings with him were very professional," he said.
Mielke was with the department for 29 years. He retired in ‘good standing’ back in 2000. A man with a career of protecting the law now finds himself on the other side of the aisle.
"I'm telling you if it would have been my mom or my dad I would have been highly upset,” Zettler said. “There would have been consequences."
Carey Manor was shut down by the state. Residents have been relocated to other assisted living facilities.
Mielke is set to appear in court on Thursday afternoon.