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Flights full at General Mitchell from Hurricane Florence evacuations

Posted at 10:02 PM, Sep 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-12 07:52:37-04

General Mitchell Airport had full flights this afternoon with people arriving from North and South Carolina, as Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall there Thursday.

“Pretty freaked out, bought the flight late last night,” said Elizabeth Mills who is a Kenosha native.

Mills and her fiancé have two-month-old twins and just moved to North Carolina. Despite never traveling with the babies before, her family in Kenosha urged her to get on a plane.

“We started realizing it was going to be a big one and they just moved to Raleigh and we don’t have much hurricane experience being from Wisconsin,” said her sister Katie Mills.

They weren’t the only Wisconsin residents watching the coast.

Bill Comer got his brother to Wisconsin, but John Comer was not happy to leave North Carolina. The retired man said he would have rather stayed.

“I would have stayed if it hadn’t been for him,” said John.

But for most everyone else, they are happy to have their family with them in Wisconsin.

“We were very worried and now we are relieved,” said Larry Reeck as he picked up his daughter and two grandchildren from the airport.

The family is driving back to Reeck’s home in Green Bay and they aren't sure when they will go back to North Carolina.

“They will stay indefinitely at this point in time,” said Reeck. “Until the weather breaks.”