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First snow of season arrives in Wisconsin

Posted at 5:21 PM, Nov 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-14 18:21:49-05

It wasn't a lot. And in some places, like roads, it didn't stick at all.

But in pockets of Northeast Wisconsin, an inch or so of snow piled up on the ground.

The flurries on Interstate 43 were of no concern to Packers fans driving north to Green Bay.

"Nothing like winter football. Football is made to be played outdoors in the snow," said Al McDowell outside Bonde's Quik Mart.

Lambeau Field had a light coating of snow but by game time the field had been cleared for play.

"If you're from Wisconsin, it comes with the territory. And if you love Wisconsin, you kind of love the Packers, too," said McDowell, who makes the trek to Lambeau from Kenosha several times a football season.

Around the corner from Bonde's, an ambitious child was sledding — or rather, trying to sled — on the little snow that fell on the hill behind his home.

Sunday's flakes were a tease if you're into snow. For others, it was just a wet, messy nuisance.

Exton and Rachael Green pulled off the interstate to reapply car window paint on their sedan. Their "PACKERS OR BUST" sign on the back window had become runny and illegible from melting snow.

"We had to put it back on so they know what team we're supporting," said Exton.

No, this was not a day to reinforce Lambeau's nickname, The Frozen Tundra. This wasn't even close to being a snow day.

But it was the first snow of the season. There will be more to come.

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