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Family fights for truth 15 years after son is shot and killed

Posted at 7:46 PM, Nov 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-05 20:49:47-05

KENOSHA — The family of Michael Bell Jr, are continuing their fight to find justice for their son 15 years after he was shot and killed by a Kenosha Police officer.

Michael Bell Jr. was shot and killed in November 2004. His father, Michael Bell, claims there have been inconsistencies with eyewitnesses accounts and law enforcement statements. The officers involved were cleared of any wrongdoing.

Bell said after he filed an open records request, he found evidence that officials, District Attorney and Police department colluded together to block a proper investigation. Investigators working with Bell said there is enough evidence to prove a police cover-up.

"We have to expose the broken criminal justice system here in the State of Wisconsin, it’s just not happening," said Michael Bell.

Bell said he recently discovered bullet indentation at the crime scene that contradicts the police version of events. He hopes these new findings put pressure on Governor Tony Evers and Wisconsin Attorney Josh Kaul to have a special prosecutor look at the case.

Bell has fought to clear Michael Bell Jr.'s name and expose what he says is the truth for about 15 years, during that time he spent $1.5 million dollars on investigators, advertisements, billboards, and a documentary with their findings called Forensically Impossible.

"When will you stop? I think if a credible investigation is done and when the facts are revealed, whether they are for the officer or family, I believe that will be the stopping point," said Bell.

Bell said the wound of losing his son is still there, but he finds comfort in helping other families, making sure they receive a full and proper investigation so no family has to go through what they are going through.