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Families reunited with loved ones on Christmas Eve at the airport

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Posted at 9:49 PM, Dec 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-24 23:24:09-05

MILWAUKEE — A record number of travelers are trying to make it to their holiday destinations and back home with loved ones. For families across the state and even over the stateline, the Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport became the site of a lot of reunions this evening.

"We took almost all of the day going to Milwaukee," said Henry Helgerson, 5.

Henry and his parents took a very long trip from Los Angeles to see see his grandma, Mary Noonen and the rest of the family.

"Tomorrow morning is.. Santa," said Noonen from Rockton, Illinois.

For Ellie Gettinger and her daughters they were anxiously waiting for grandma to come to them.

"We are more than excited," said 6-year-old Nelles Gettinger.

The family has a busy night planned to celebrate Hanukkah.

"Tonight we are going to have all sorts of friends over and we are going to light the Menorah in Whitefish Bay with our friends there. And then we have lots of celebrations throughout the rest of the holiday," said Ellie Gettinger.

For some people, the airport is not the final destination. Chris Bostik and his wife, Lindsay Lueptow, flew in from LA and met his mom from New Jersey at the airport. They will then drive to the Madison area. They are joining in more than 100-million Americans who also plan to drive to their destination.

airport reunion 1.JPG
Families reunite at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport.

"Got a rental car and we will drive over to Randolph for an hour and 45 minutes and then we will finally get to relax," said Bostick.

But no matter how people get to their holiday celebrations, families say the most important thing is they get to be together.

"There were so many cars, but we always come in so we can hug them and greet them. And we're so happy they came home for Christmas," said Jackie Korenak from Milwaukee.

Experts say if you or a loved one is traveling. Be prepared for delays or congestion come Friday. Travel times on the road are expected to double or triple.