Families of men killed by law enforcement hold rally at Red Arrow Park

Posted at 5:51 PM, Jun 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-27 18:51:24-04

The families of five men killed by law enforcement gathered at Red Arrow Park Tuesday afternoon to hold a rally.

Representatives from the families of Sylville Smith, Terry Williams, Jermaine Claybrooks, Jay Anderson and Dontre Hamilton were on hand. The group called for the prosecution of the officers involved in the shootings.

The Claybrooks family also demanded answers to their questions.Claybrooks was killed in March when a drug task force comprised of officers from several different departments said he was the suspect in a drug investigation and showed a gun.

"I march for Jermaine today because I want answers and I'll keep marching until I get those answers," said Keyanna Allen, Claybrooks' son's mother.

Williams’ family called for the prosecution of the sheriff's deputy involved in the lakefront shooting on June 11. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said Williams was shot when he drove his SUV at a deputy while he was being pursued.

"He didn't deserve this and he can't defend himself, but we will defend him until we get justice because this is not right," said Williams' sister Kim Ross.

The group took their protest across the street yelling "No Justice, No Peace" in the halls of the Milwaukee City Hall. They waited outside Mayor Tom Barrett's office until a representative met with one of the organizers.

The group said the mayor promised to put the families in touch with the Police & Fire Commission. That group however only has jurisdiction over the officer in the Milwaukee Police Department.