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Families of Jacob Blake, Breonna Taylor join together in D.C. ahead of inauguration

Posted at 7:12 PM, Jan 19, 2021

WASHINGTON — Family members of Jacob Blake are in Washington D.C. ahead of tomorrow's inauguration.

The Blakes are taking their fight out of Kenosha, temporarily, and into Washington as they join other families fighting for justice as the country transitions to a new administration.

"It's a sorority and fraternity that we did not choose,” said Jacob Blake Sr.

Jacob Blake Sr. and his brother Justin Blake were joined in Washington by Bianca Austin, the aunt of Breonna Taylor, for the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

"We don't have to explain the pain that we're in. We know the pain that we're in,” Blake Sr. Said.

"It's so many names to name. But we're here to represent that,” Austin added.

Unrest followed the shootings in both Louisville and Kenosha. Now, as they see D.C. swarming with guards, they said it is a reminder of the tension over 2020.

"We got a chance to visit yesterday and it was surreal. It's more of a military base. It didn't have that capitol feeling anymore,” Austin said.

The Blake and Taylor families still carry the pain from what happened in 2020 as they stand together in the nation's capital. They are demanding significant changes to police accountability from the new president and vice president.

"We demand abolishing immunity of police, from being able to not be charged for what they do. We demand that off the top,” Blake Sr. said.

Blake’s uncle, Justin Blake also said their fight is bigger than two cases.

"It's much bigger than our families. We want to make sure each African descendant living in this country are under the laws and liberties that exist,” Justin Blake said.

The families are hoping to speak with lawmakers during this visit. They told TMJ4 News they've been invited back and plan to return in February.

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