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Fallen MPD officer's church community mourns him: "He was very kind and very gracious"

Posted at 10:47 PM, Jul 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-27 07:04:38-04

The community at fallen MPD Officer Michael Michalski's church is remembering him as a kind, courageous and humble man.  

Ted Groves, Founding Pastor at Grace Community Church in West Allis, said Michalski had been an active member of the parish for the last five years.

He said the community is very tight-knit and made up of a couple hundred parishioners. 

"Mike was an integral part of the whole thing," Groves said. 

"He was just a gentleman," the Pastor said. "He was very kind and very gracious." 

Groves said Michalski was always eager to help with the daily upkeep of the church, which is located at 84th & Beloit. 

"He would stay after church to pick up chairs and put them away," Groves said. "He'd help with cooking in the kitchen, and he'd help with plant sales, for fundraisers. You name it he'd be there." 

Michalski was also active in the church's mentorship program. 

"He mentored men from the Milwaukee Rescue Mission with addiction problems, and also mentored young married men and so forth," said Groves. "He was just the kind of guy who you look up to."

Groves said the community is grieving after Michalski was killed by an armed suspect while on-duty Wednesday evening. 

"It's going to be a big blow to our church," Groves said. "People from our church who have heard about it already can't believe it. We will genuinely and sincerely miss Mike." 

He and his parishioners are turning to their faith for strength during a tough time. 

"Our comfort always comes from God's promises and his word," Groves said.