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Fact Check: U.S. grants permanent residency to 1 million people per year

Posted at 7:50 PM, Jan 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-03 20:50:39-05

Immigration is a huge talking point with President Trump cracking down on both legal and illegal immigrants entering of the country.

PolitiFact Wisconsin checks a claim about how the U.S. does compared to other countries when it comes to providing residency.

In a recent tweet, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson says the United States continues to outpace other nations when it comes to granting permanent residency to people entering the country.

"His claim was that the United States is the only country in the world that every year allows more than 1 million people to receive legal permanent residency," said Greg Borowski with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

When PolitiFact Wisconsin says permanent residency -- it's talking about what's known as the 'green card.' PolitiFact Wisconsin looked at other countries that allow a similar immigration process.

"Our experts told us look at three, Canada, Australia and New Zealand," said Borowski. "None of the three come close to the United States and the totals in this regard, while the United States is above a million."

PolitiFact Wisconsin also took at look at the situation going on in Syria with refugees.

"And even then, there was no country that accepted more than 1 million people," said Borowski, "Germany came close with just under 900,000 refugees, but again that's different than what Senator Johnson was talking about. He's talking about legal permanent residents."

PolitiFact Wisconsin rates this claim -- True.

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