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Local expert weighs in on tips to keep clothes clean from road salt during winter

Posted at 8:11 PM, Feb 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-10 21:14:14-05

MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- It's no secret snow and ice in southeast Wisconsin can lead to slushy, wet road conditions and lots of road salt on sidewalks and streets —that salt can cause potentially damaging stains on your clothes and favorite winter gear. 

“It’s a messy world right now," Keith Klabunde said.

"I bet our business for pants and coats double during the melting period," he continued. 

Keith Klabunde owns Keith's cleaners in Wauwatosa and has been in the cleaning business for a couple decades. 

As a result, he’s all too familiar with salt-stained apparel and has a few tips for people trying to keep clothes clean while maneuvering through the slush and snow. 

“In the sloppy weather, don’t wear light clothes because it’s really hard to get that out," Klabunde said. 

"Those little dark dots that you’ll see on a pair of off-white pants, sometimes you can’t even get those out," he continued. 

According to Klabunde, the salt rings you find on your coat and shoes come from all the salt dumped to melt the ice on streets and sidewalks. In fact, the city of Milwaukee alone anticipates dumping about 55-thousand tons of salt each year —which may make it difficult to keep clothes clean, but Klabunde said he’s sure he can find a solution for all your dirty clothes.