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Ex-police officer involved in Sherman Park case accused of witness intimidation

Posted at 10:15 PM, Aug 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-15 23:15:26-04

A former Milwaukee Police Officer at the center of the Sherman Park violence is facing witness intimidation accusations from newly unsealed documents.

It's connected to a separate case relatedto sex crime charges. Investigators said Dominique Heaggan-Brown convinced jail employees to help get messages to his family members.

Then they contacted at least one victim connected to his sex crime case.

The day after Heaggan-Brown shot and killed Sylville Smith while working as a Milwaukee Police Officer, sparking two days of violence in Sherman Park, he sexually assaulted a man he met out drinking.

He's now serving time for that crime, but as he sat in jail awaiting trial, investigators say he made "deliberate use of family members and individuals he knows to conspire to intimidate witnesses."

According to court documents, during a recorded phone call with his cousin, Heaggan-Brown said he had information for her that would be on his property.

He later said he would try and get a supervisor to bring it down so no one goes through it.

Two days later, surveillance video from the Milwaukee County Jail shows, "A Lieutenant taking a clear unmarked plastic bag from Heaggan-Brown's unit... to the property room." 

The next video shows "Heaggan-Brown's mother picking up two clear plastic bags" A log, however, only lists his mom as "picking up a manila envelope."

During that same time, a victim from the case told police he had been contacted by Heaggan-Brown's family. The victim said Heaggan-Brown's brother called him to see "if he was going to come to court" and told him he would "contact him in the future."

That same brother asked Heaggan-Brown for his gun while he was in jail.

Brown ended up taking a plea deal in the case.

TODAY'S TMJ4 did reach out to Heaggan-Brown's family. Over the phone, his mother said it is all "a bunch of lies." The family is not facing any charges.