Drunk driving crash victim's family 'beyond heartbroken'

Posted at 10:13 PM, Oct 06, 2017

A Pewaukee woman accused of driving drunk andkilling a Milwaukee mother after a Brewer's game was in court Friday, and the victim's family and friends were there hoping justice is served.

A 15-year-old son and 25-year-old daughter were left behind.

"Obviously I'm hurt.  I'm beyond heartbroken. I don't think there's any words that explain the way I feel," said Cassandra Barrera, the victim's daughter.

Candance Franckowiak's life ended last month in a drunk driving crash.

"You have to give consequences for things like this," said Tania Perez, a family friend.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student Abby Dominski waved her right to a preliminary hearing and pleaded not guilty Friday. The 23-year-old is accused of driving drunk in Waukesha County and killing Franckowiak. 

The criminal complaint said Dominski was on her way home from a Brewer's game.  She told investigators "I knew I shouldn't be driving" and "I was too drunk to drive."

"I'm very very close to that age and my life is completely changed because of what she's done," Barrera said.

She's now taking care of her younger brother great-grandmother, in addition to her own daughter.

"Us showing what we're going through it shows other people what your actions can cause for a family so maybe somebody will double think before they think to drink and drive again," Barrera said. 

This is the first offense for the alleged drunk driver, but Franckowiak's family want the suspect to be held accountable to the highest standard.

"You've impacted a family's life forever," Perez said.

Loved one's hope the punishment fits the crime.

"Everyday somebody's being killed in an accident with drunk driving or running red lights or stolen cars or swerving and doing high speeds and it's like something's got to give," said Perez.

"It's something that goes on way too much and it it needs to stop.  It's horrible," said Barrera.

Dominski is scheduled to appear in court again next month.