Dozens of neglected dogs rescued from Sheboygan County kennel

Posted at 6:20 PM, Jul 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-08 08:55:58-04

Thirty-seven dogs are getting the treatment they need after they were saved from a kennel in Wilson that was in bad shape.

It was a dirty secret concealed, as 31 to 40 decaying dog carcasses were also found in deep freezers.

Liam Carroll worked at the kennel for three years and says he helped tip police off about the ongoing issues. He says dogs slept in their own filth for weeks, not allowed to go outside for exercise or proper food and water.

"It was really rough to see. Seeing the dogs in that kind of situation, knowing that they can't help themselves so. I knew inside my heart that what I knew needed to get out there, what I had seen needed to get out there because they needed to not be able to do this anymore," Carroll said.

In a news conference Friday, Sheboygan officials say the unnerving circumstances will most likely result in charges to several people. Community members just want someone to be held accountable.

As for the dogs, they’re now getting some good TLC.

Until the investigation is complete. The dogs won't be put up for adoption. However, the Humane Society is accepting donations.