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Domino's Pizza gifts Milwaukee $5,000 for pothole repairs

Posted at 4:48 PM, Jul 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-10 17:52:58-04

MILWAUKEE -- One of Milwaukee's biggest problems is getting fixed by one of the nation's largest pizza chains. 

City leaders voted to accept a gift from Domino's Pizza on Tuesday to help with pothole repairs. Alderman Cavalier Johnson said Milwaukee became one of 20 cities selected because of his application. 

"I never expected in a million years that they would contact me, but they did," he said. 

Johnson got the idea after watching Domino's latest tv advertisement that serves as a call to action to fill cities' potholes. 

"I saw the commercial and I saw an opportunity to save some money for taxpayers," he said.  

Johnson says the $5,000 gift pays for enough material to fill potholes for about half a normal day for Milwaukee Public Works crews. 

"Is it a publicity stunt on their part? Perhaps, but the thing for me is that they're offering money that we could use to fill potholes and create some relief for our taxpayers," Johnson said. 

Ed Murphy sees the need on Milwaukee's north side. 

"They are terrible," he said. "They are the worst I've seen in all the while I've lived here. They wreck peoples' cars." 

He reports hazardous potholes to public works on a daily basis, even as recently as Tuesday morning. 

"You're going down the street like you're in an obstacle course," said Murphy. 

Johnson said Domino's gift will help fill hundreds of potholes. Murphy believes it is nothing more than a cheesy publicity stunt. 

"It's a pittance, it won't make a difference," he said.  

Johnson said it's unclear when Domino's dollars will be put to use.